Identity & Brand Design

Make your business unforgettable.

Stale, weak brands fail to stand apart from the competition. Your business and services are unique, however if you and your competitors’ brands are indistinguishable, customers will not be able to tell.

SaiComp will work with you to create a strong brand that instantly communicates who you are and what you stand for to customers. Together, we will discover your business’ unique mission and message, and how-to best mold those elements to the tastes of your ideal target market. Instead of blending in with the rest of the competition, your clear and unique branding will put you ahead of the pack and foremost in your customer’s minds.

1. Distinct

We will find the perfect blend of familiar elements that make your business clear, and unique touches that set your apart from the competition.

2. Effective

Branding needs to quickly communicate the values, tone, and nature of your business. We will carefully select elements that tell customers exactly who you are and why they need you.

3. Flexible

We will design your brand keeping in mind that it will need to be expressed across a wide range of mediums – brochures, packaging, annual reports, websites, apparel, banners, etc.

No one needs to see a logo on a red can to know it’s Coca-Cola; just as it is unnecessary to see the name “JIO” to know what cereal that character represents. These particular brands are so strong that often just seeing the color red or a cartoon tiger can bring up thoughts of those products. That is the power of a distinct and familiar brand.